Our Mission and Values

SBA_2013_Mass_by_Lomanno_0040Mission Statement

We, the faculty, staff, and administration of St. Benedict Academy, are committed to the spiritual, intellectual, and social development of each child in a Christ-centered environment that nurtures Christian values and fosters academic excellence. Aware of the dignity and uniqueness of all our students, we strive to cultivate their talents and to develop in them a sense of personal integrity and social responsibility.

School Philosophy

 St. Benedict Academy is a community of faith, dedicated to living the Gospel message as well as carrying out the threefold purpose of Christian education:
  • Proclaiming the message of God revealed by Jesus Christ
  • Building fellowship in the life of the Spirit
  • Providing service to the Christian community
We value and respect each person regardless of creed or ethnicity, and strive to create an environment where each person’s talents, gifts, and abilities may be developed.

SBA_2013_Mass_by_Lomanno_0036     Goals and Objectives

Our goals are to provide an understanding of Catholic truths and Christian values which enable the student to live a meaningful life consistent with the Gospel values of peace, justice, love, and freedom, as well as to develop the skills, creativity, and knowledge that will prepare students for life in the twenty-first century. Our objectives for spiritual and moral development center on helping students understand the central role of religion in life. Through instruction and example, we encourage the development of a community of people who are bound together by a common faith and a common goal. Intellectual and cultural development objectives focus on developing knowledge and skills in core academic and enrichment subjects, as well as providing engaging opportunities for creativity, independence, and responsibility.