Academic Philosophy

20150317_084038 Academic excellence, integrated with the message of the Gospel, is at the heart of our school. All we do, from weekly Liturgy to the study of art, or history, or language arts, is rooted in the values and traditions of the Catholic faith. Saint Benedict Academy is a community of faith dedicated to living the Gospel message and carrying out the threefold purpose of Christian education:
  • Proclaiming the message of God revealed by Jesus Christ,
  • Building fellowship in the life of the Spirit,
  • Providing service to the Christian community.
Saint Benedict Academy nurtures young learners’ academic and spiritual growth through a carefully-planned curriculum. This means we provide a challenging educational environment that instills responsibility and respect,  a learning community focused on faith and service. Our compassionate, qualified educators are committed to excellence, and we engage young learners with a comprehensive and engaging core curriculum as well as individualized learning opportunities all within safe and nurturing surroundings. We value and respect each person regardless of creed, and strive to create an environment where each person’s talents, gifts, and abilities may be developed. Read more about Our Classrooms or our Academic Program.