Community Parterships

Birch Hill Terrace

Students in the Third Grade class are partnered with residents from Birch Hill Terrance Nursing Home. This program embodies the strong ethic of service and volunteerism at Saint Benedict Academy. In this program, there is a monthly exchange of letters between the third grade students and their pen pal at Birch Hill Terrance. The pen pals meet in the fall and gather together in December for a Christmas Party (check out the story of the 2014 celebration!).The pen pals are also invited to attend the annual Christmas pageant. In the spring, the Birch Hill Terrace residents visit their pen pals at Saint Benedict Academy. The year concludes with an "End of the Year Celebration" at Birch Hill Terrace. The students look forward to writing and receiving letters and enjoy the friendship that they develop through the pen pal program.