Ongoing Fundraisers

Scrips Scrip means “substitute money” – in other words, gift cards from national and local retailers. They’re the same gift cards that you buy at the store with one difference – SBA receives a percentage of the sale from the retailer. SBA families and friends purchase the cards for full face value from SBA rather than at the store. Some businesses kick-back as much as 16 and 20 percent! You were going to spend this money on shopping and dining anyway - this extra step gives an extra bit of money to SBA! There are 2 ways to place your orders: Option 1 - PREFERRED: Online  **More variety of gift cards to choose from! Create an account online at using the SBA Enrollment Code CF32316619198.  Place your order by the Wednesday evening before the Thursday order date listed below. You may pay with 2 options:
  1. PREFERRED: Easy pay online via Presto-Pay ($0.15 service fee)
  2. Send a check to SBA with a copy of your order confirmation
Option 2 - Return the completed Order Form (found here) with a check made out to "SBA" for the total amount of cards you are purchasing. All order forms must be returned to the school office on the date listed on the school calendar. All card orders will be sent home in the white envelopes on the following Wednesday. Scrips will resume in the Fall of 2015. Questions? Email our SBA Scrip Coordinator Vickie Lavery (Parent of Pre-K and 1st) at! Hannaford's Giftcards Attention Hannaford shoppers. SBA has Hannaford gift cards available for purchase in the office. The cards are in $25 and $50 increments and are sold at face value. SBA receives a percentage of the sale back from Hannaford's. boxtops-480x326Box Tops for Education Please clip and submit your Box-Tops for Education from General Mills products. UPCs for the "Labels for Education" are also accepted. Please encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to contribute their box-tops to SBA. Cherrydale Fundraiser Orders can also be placed and paid for on-line at by using our school code: FRSBAMN. Orders are shipped directly to the buyer, and SBA receives a percentage of the sales as long as the school code FRSBAMN is used. Happy Shopping!