It’s New, It’s Blue: SBA Pre-School Program

A high-quality, early childhood experience is invaluable for any young child. That experience can help set the foundation necessary for future school success. When all areas of a young child’s development are supported, he/she can develop a love and enthusiasm for learning, which is essential to the child’s development as a learner and a member of a community.

Through a generous partnership grant with Dr. George Ladd of the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, Saint Benedict Academy launched its new pre-school program in the fall of 2014. The program is run by veteran teacher and new Saint Benedict Academy faculty member Mrs. Heather Shambarger (Click here for the news story).

PreKThe pre-school program at Saint Benedict Academy is rooted in best practices for early childhood education. The program will lay the foundation for the academic, social, and spiritual success for many students, while adding to and supporting the sense of community and educational commitment already present. For information about the pre-school program’s program of study, please click here.

The program is a full-day program with five-day and flexible part-time options available. Students may arrive for drop-off in the school courtyard at 7:30 AM (Extended Day Before Care Program is available starting at 7). Parents may use the drop-off line if the child can get out of the car independently; children requiring additional time and assistance should be walked into the courtyard from a parking area. Students will enter the building at 7:40. The school day will conclude at 2:30 PM. A description of a typical pre-school day can be found by clicking here.

The pre-school program is housed on the first floor in a newly renovated classroom space. In addition to in-class restrooms and sinks, the classroom has have wireless capabilities, improved security, and new early childhood-oriented learning spaces. Photos of the classroom can be found below!

One of the pre-school highlights this fall was Ms. Heather’s “Community Helpers Week.” Click here for the news story and photo gallery.

Registration and Tuition Information

Students admitted to the pre-school program must be four years old by September 30, 2014. Application and registration forms as well as a list of necessary documents can be accessed through our Admissions Page for New Students.

Tuition rates are included in the 2014-2015 Tuition Schedule. Please note that per Diocesan policy, there is neither a sponsored rate, multi-child discount, nor other financial assistance for students in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs.