Help Hunger – Catholic Relief Services Visits 5th and 6th Grade

On October 11th, the fifth and sixth graders were honored with the presence of Mr. Peter Kimeu. Peter works for Catholic Relief Services and came in to talk to the children about Kenya, his home. Peter engaged every listener in the room with his enthusiasm and passion for his mission-HELP HUNGER!

He began by showing a powerpoint with photos of Kenya’s beautiful geographical features, along with photos of him as a child. This gave the children a wonderful opportunity to see first hand God’s greatest gifts from another part of the world.

He then went on to talk to the children about his past. In particular, his hardships with hunger. He told the students how his mother told him to suck on a finger or two to keep the saliva in his mouth, and about finding banana peels and sugarcane on the sides of the road to stay hydrated. He went days without eating. Yet, this young boy grew into a remarkable man who is now a father and a big part of CRS.

Throughout this whole presentation, he was smiling, laughing and had the children actively engaged. He taught them how it is to use what God has given them and light the world with it to help others.

He ended with a wonderful song and chant that stays with us today which talks about how he lives, hopes, and dreams for Kenya: Mkenya Daima.