Story by Mrs. Susan LaPalme, Sixth Grade Teacher

Last week. the Sixth Grade celebrated Pi Day and “Super Hero Day.”

In honor of Pi Day, the class studied circumference and the area of a Circle earlier in the week and culminated the week with a treat of three different edible pies. Pi Day is celebrated on 3.14 – this year was especially Pi-ful on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 (Pi = 3.141592653…).

In addition to Pi Day, the students dressed up as Super Heroes as a follow-up from Catholic Schools Week where the class had their own special title of “The Christian League” where each student had their own unique powers to “overcome Pharaoh and part the Red Sea.”

Each activity in itself was enjoyed by the students and full of enthusiasm.  What great class spirit!

Sixth Graders during Catholic Schools WeekSuper Hero DayPi Day (on Superhero Day)