Back to School Night

Saint Benedict Academy will host its annual “Back to School Night” for families on Thursday, September 18 at 6 PM in the school gym.

Please note that children should not attend this event.

The doors to the gym will open at 5:30, and the program will begin at 6 with remarks from Mr. McLaughlin. Parents will then have an opportunity to attend a session in their child’s classroom from 6:30 to 7. A second session will be held from 7 to 7:30 for families with more than one child – please attend your youngest child’s classroom first. The campus will close at 7:30 PM.

Please note that as this evening is designed for all parents, this night is not a time for individual conferences – sign up sheets will be available in the classrooms.

We look forward to seeing you “back at school.”

Students in Ms. Heather’s pre-school class worked on painting pictures to welcome parents “back to school.”

The school’s monthly “McDonald’s Night” at the Second Street location will also be running on Thursday from 4 to 8.