Beauty and the Beast

bb (8)Students in grades 4 to 6 were treated to a performance of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at the Derryfield School on Friday morning. The students enjoyed this “tale as old as time” and were mesmerized by the stellar performance of the cast. The acting, singing, and choreography were wonderful and showcased incredible talent. Students laughed with Lumiere and Cogsworth, chuckled with Gaston, and were impressed with the beautiful singing of Belle, the Beast, and Mrs. Potts. The ensemble added much to the performance as villagers and a superb “Be Our Guest.” Kudos as well to the crew for designing beautiful sets and costumes and to the orchestra.

After the show, students asked cast members for autographs.

A very special thank you to the Derryfield School for hosting us this morning and to the talented cast and crew!

Field trip time!Waiting for the show to startBelleThe BeastGastonLumiereCogsworthMrs. PottsBabetteEnsemble

For more information about the production which is scheduled for this Valentine’s Day weekend, please visit: