CRS Rice Bowl Lesson: The Congo

Fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students came together on Monday to participate in the last of their Rice Bowl Lenten Lessons. The series, which contains age-appropriate lessons and extension activities, was created by Catholic Relief Services and engages students by helping them draw connections between the sacrifices they make through the Rice Bowl Project, the global ministry of the CRS, and the importance of Lent as our Christian preparation for Easter.

The most recent lesson focused on the importance of community as told through stories from youth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Students examined the Catholic Social Justice teaching of the Call to Humanity. Human beings are not only sacred, but social. How we participate in our family and community, from our daily actions to our policy decisions, affects each and every person. For more about this particular lesson, click here.

All SBA students have prayed the CRS Lenten Prayer as part of their morning devotions throughout Lent. The money collected from the Rice Bowls will be offered at our first school Mass after Easter.