Does Class Size Really Matter?

Does Class Size Really Matter? How important is it? In a recent policy brief, Professor Schanzenbach, an economist and education policy professor at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, examined the body of research addressing the issue of class size. Does it matter? Yes, it does.

According Schanzenbach (2014) “research shows that students in the early grades perform better in small classes.” In the 2013-14 school year at Saint Benedict Academy, the average class size for grades kindergarten-sixth was seventeen students with a range of nine to twenty-four students. The addition of classroom aides and the use of college and community volunteers for some activities (i.e. reading circles) increased the amount of “teacher time” that all of our students received. Schanzenbach (2014) makes the following statement regarding recommendations about class size: “the academic literature strongly supports the common-sense notion that class size is an important determinant of student outcomes. Class-size reduction has been shown to improve a variety of measures, ranging from contemporaneous test scores to later-life outcomes such as college completion.”

Come and check out our school. Enroll your student and enjoy the benefit of smaller class size! At Saint Benedict Academy our students thrive in a community of faith that promotes academic excellence integrated with the message of the Gospel; this is the heart of our school.

Schanzenbach’s report, Does Class Size Matter?