Engine 9 Spends Some Time at SBA

Last week was Fire Prevention Week in NH!

Our Kindergarten and First Grade classes were lucky to have Fire Station 9, Calef Road, bring a pumper truck to our schoolyard for up-close, first-hand viewing!  The students listened to fire safety rules, held some firefighter apparatuses, sat in the driver seat of the truck, and even got to squirt the hose!  We had many photo opportunities for sure!

We learned that it’s just a fireman coming to rescue us if we see or hear a Darth Vader type figure crawling toward us in the smoke.  We learned how Jaws of Life can rip a roof off a car to save people who are trapped, and we also held a thermal imaging camera which allows firefighters to see areas of heat through smoke and/or darkness!

Here’s what one Kindegartener had to say:  “I really liked the chopper thing (axe) ’cause they can chop down doors, and I really liked the scissors – the giant ones! – they can cut through metal!”

One first grader said, “I learned that when there is smoke and when they are in their ‘costumes’ to not be afraid. ” Another said, “I like that I got to squirt the hose.”

Thank you to our Fire Department for all they do for our school.

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