Fifth & Sixth Graders Playing “Games” During Robotics

Throughout the course of the next few weeks our Fifth and Sixth graders will be building robots to play games.

Games you say????

Their mission is to design a robot from scratch to complete a series of missions based on five simple physics principles; push, pull, lift, drop and throw.  In order to execute directions, there are three designated roles.  These are a Driver, a Programmer, and a Builder.  The different teams then complete against one another in a series of games.

“Dan the Lego Man” from the New Hampshire Lego League who visits with us each Friday teaches our students much more than just Robotics, but team collaboration, problem solving, analytical thinking and the Scientific Method.  First and foremost, Dan specifically tells our students, “Failure is an option, you can’t earn an ‘A’ if you don’t fail first.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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