Fourth Graders are BLOGGING about their new Literature Circle Book!

Mrs. Hauck’s fourth graders are reading the fun book “Three Times Lucky” together and blogging about it on a “kid-safe” blog page.  Students read the book together in class and then answer questions posted on the site from their laptops in the classroom or from their home computers.  Mrs. Hauck moderates all the responses and then approves them for all of the classmates to see each other’s answers.
“This blog-page method of asking questions makes it more interesting and exciting for students to answer comprehension questions and to write about how they feel about the book,” said Mrs. Hauck. “Students can’t wait for the next assignment to be posted and it is a great way to share opinions about what might happen next, or why the author has chosen to write specific details.”
She also likes the “safety” aspect of this particular blog site.  “Since I create the student access and passwords, and then I also approve the student’s replies on the blog-page, I’m able to ensure that only our class can participate, and that all entries are appropriate prior to classmates seeing the comments.  It has been a great opportunity to show students how to be respectful and encouraging to one another while blogging, encouraging them to use positive and helpful comments toward one another.”
Other activities such as “Tupelo honey tastings” and “Character Mapping” as well as fun classroom discussions are also part of the Literature Circle curriculum for this book.  Sr. Louise Auclair, a former professor of Mrs. Hauck’s, is the fourth grader’s Prayer Partner this year. She gave the class a full 25-book set of this novel “Three Times Lucky” as a Christmas gift!!  “We are so grateful to Sr. Louise for this wonderful gift.”
Students seem to love the blog-page method for their assignments, but more importantly, they’re learning to love literature.  Fourth Grader Arianna wrote in one of her blog responses,”I think the characters are really interesting. I am enjoying the book!”