Fourth Graders will walk 211.1 miles!!!

In an effort to get to know our great state of New Hampshire, Mrs. Hauck’s fourth grade students will be walking the equivalent of the distance from the Canadian border to our border with Massachusetts.  A generous SBA family donated the pedometers to the fourth grade so each student wears one during the school day.  As the students progress in their walking mileage, they use their laptops to “Google Earth” where they would be along the journey. 
Students began their “walk” in Chartierville, Canada just north of the border.  As they walked south they watched Google Earth for signs of the border station.
“The students were so excited when we had actually crossed the border into the United States and they could go in on Google Earth and see the actual Border Station with the United States flag waving.  They all cheered!”  said Mrs. Hauck. 
Students look at the towns, landscape, and local attractions all along the way through several websites, and they hope to arrive in in Nashua by spring.  While it is a fun way to combine technology with learning, students also get the experience of increased exercise and lots of fun!!