Get Ready for the 125th School Year at SBA!

Dear Saint Benedict Academy Family,

I am thrilled to say that next week we will start classes at Saint Benedict Academy! The teachers, staff, and I have been hard at work making the school ready to welcome all of our students for the start of our 125th year as a school. We are eager to continue to form students in the Catholic faith, to challenge them as they grow as readers, mathematicians, writers, scientists, and more, to equip them with the technological skills to be competitive students in today’s increasingly digital world, and to enrich their education through exposure to athletics and the arts.

This year will be an AWESOME year!

I enjoyed getting to meet and talk with so many students and families at the Mass and welcome reception held at Saint Raphael’s on Sunday, August 25. I was enthused about sharing the vision and plans that have been initiated to sustain and grow our incredible school and enhance the Catholic, academically-rigorous, technologically-oriented, and well-rounded education that we offer to students in the Diocese of Manchester. If you have an expertise that you feel that you can contribute to the task force I am assembling about the pre-school program, please send me an email at

As you prepare for the first day and first week of classes, please note the information below. The information is presented following the general schedule of the school day. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 603-669-3932. I’d also request that you pray for the faculty and staff while we attend our opening retreat at Saint Elizabeth Seton Parish on Thursday, August 29.

In Christ,

Michael McLaughlin
Principal, Saint Benedict Academy


Helpful Information for the First Week of School

Tuesday, September 3 – First Day of School
–    Students are to wear their regular school uniform this week.

–    Pray with your child on their first day of school. Remind them how fortunate they are to be able to attend a school where they can pray and talk about God openly.

–    Take a photo of your child on their first day of school! You’ll treasure this memory. Consider sharing your photo on our Saint Benedict Academy Facebook Page.

–    See the parking/traffic flow diagram accessible through the parent portal of the Saint Benedict Academy webpage for a visual map of the instructions that follow.

–    For students taking the bus to school, parents are reminded to visit the Manchester Public School website for the latest bussing information in terms of pick-up locations and times.

–    For students participating in the before school extended day program, drop off begins at 7 AM at the Third Street entrance. Please verify with Mrs. Gravel.

–    All other students are to be dropped off in the courtyard of the school and parish that opens onto Walker Street. The courtyard will open for students and families at 7:30. This is the time that the courtyard will open each morning this school year.
o   If you are walking your student into the courtyard, you may park in the lot on Ferry Street or may park in legal spaces along the Ferry Street or Third Street sides of the school. Do not park on either side of Walker Street. Please note that the “Private Way” between Walker and Ferry Street is not to be used for parking or driving during drop off/pick-up.
o   If you are dropping off your student, you must remain in your vehicle. Do not let your child out of the vehicle until you are between the two orange cones. You must drop off your student on the school-side of Walker Street and then continue West to Main Street. You will not be permitted to drop your child off on the opposite side of the street (going East). Students will not cross the street from vehicular traffic heading East. We will have teachers and staff on-hand to guide the flow of traffic and enforce these directives for the safety of the children. Please note that the “Private Way” between Walker and Ferry Street is not to be used for parking or driving during drop off/pick-up.

–    At 7:40, the bell will ring and the school will ceremoniously open for its 125th time! When the bell rings, parents are asked to step back from the classroom lines.

–    After the students have entered the building at 7:40, parents and families are welcome and invited to attend an opening of school prayer service in the gym. This service will begin at 8 and end around 8:20. Please enter the gym through the stairs on the Ferry Street side of the school. If you are staying for this prayer service, please ensure that you have parked in a legal parking space in the Ferry Street lot, the Ferry Street side of the school, or the Third Street side of the school. Do not park on either side of Walker Street. Walker Street is only for drop-off.

–    At snack-time (morning recess), milk will not be available. Milk will be available beginning Monday, September 9.

–    At snack time (morning recess), students are welcome to bring a snack from home. Snacks will also be available for sale in the front office for 50 cents.

–    At lunch time, students should bring their own “brown-bag” lunch. Lunch through our catering service – Girls, Inc. – will be available beginning Monday, September 9. The lunch order form for September will be sent home in the first Wednesday folder on September 4. Milk will also not be available today at lunch. Milk will be available beginning Monday, September 9.

–    We will be in school for a full day every day this week. Our normal dismissal time is 2:30 PM.
o   If your child is taking the bus, the bus will be operating in the afternoon. Please check the information on the Manchester Public Schools website for more information.
o   If you are walking into the courtyard to pick up your child, please park in the lot on Ferry Street or in legal spaces along the Ferry Street or Third Street sides of the school. Do not park on either side of Walker Street. Please note that the “Private Way” between Walker and Ferry Street is not to be used for parking or driving during drop off/pick-up.
o   If you are picking up your child but not coming into the courtyard, please pick up your child on the Walker Street side of the school. You must pick them up on the school-side (heading West) of the street in between the two orange cones. Students will not cross the street to vehicular traffic heading East. Once you have your child, please head West to Main Street to ease the flow of traffic. Please note that the “Private Way” between Walker and Ferry Street is not to be used for parking or driving during drop off/pick-up.
o   The after school extended day program will begin today.

Beginning September 9
–    Milk for morning recess and lunch
–    Lunch program through Girls, Inc.
–    Physical Education Class (Mondays – gym uniform)

Beginning September 10
–    School Mass at Saint Raphael’s Church (noon). Families are always welcome to join us at the Holy Mass.
–    Music Class

Save the Date: Thursday, September 19 – Parent-Teacher Open House
This event will begin in the gym at 6:30 p.m. Parking is available in the school courtyard, the Ferry Street lot, or on legal parking spaces on Ferry Street, Third Street, and Walker Street. You will enter the building through the stairs into the gym on the Ferry Street side of the school. This event is for parents/guardians only. Students should not attend this event. This will include a general informational meeting and then time to meet with your child(ren)’s teacher(s). To accommodate families with more than one child, each teacher will hold up to three sessions in their class to go over class rules, homework policy, and other items. Please note that this is not the time for individual conferences. You are welcome to set up individual conferences with teachers for another time.

Additional News and Information

Facebook Fundraiser with Target
Saint Benedict Academy is participating in Target, Inc.’s “Give with Target” fundraising program. To the date of this newsletter, Saint Benedict Academy has received 351 votes, which equates to $351 in funding from Target. In other words, every vote equals one dollar for our school.

Any U.S. resident 13 or older with a Facebook account is eligible to vote for our school each week until September 21st or until Target has given away 5 million dollars to schools, whichever comes first.

For all of you with Facebook accounts, we’d like you to do the following:

1. “Like” and, equally importantly, “subscribe” to the Saint Benedict Academy page on Facebook. Here, you’ll find a direct link to the Target voting site as well as great information and photographs of events here at Saint Benedict Academy.
2. Vote for “Saint Benedict Academy” each week through September 21 (every Sunday you are eligible for a new vote)
3. “Share” the link to vote for Saint Benedict Academy on your “wall”
4. Personally “message” your friends, family, co-workers from across the country who are on Facebook to vote for Saint Benedict Academy. If you have the link on your wall, it will make it that much easier for them to do so.

For those without Facebook accounts, surely you have friends who do have an account. You can participate too! Please encourage your friends to vote for our school through Target, to “like” and “subscribe” to our page on Facebook (where they will also find a direct link to vote), and to “share” the link to vote for Saint Benedict Academy.

We set an initial goal of $500 to go towards purchasing equipment for the playground and extra-curricular activities. We are more than half-way there, but with your help, we could dramatically exceed that goal. Currently, we are second in the state in terms of votes. Can you help us become – and stay – number one?

We have spaces open for new students and families at Saint Benedict Academy in all of our classes from Kindergarten through Grade 6. Please continue to share the great news about our school with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family. Interested families are welcome to visit the school for a personal tour. Please encourage them to call the school at 603-669-3932 or email Principal McLaughlin at to schedule a visit. Remember, for every enrolled family that you refer, you can earn a $100 discount on your own family’s tuition 2013-2014 payment.

Recess and Cafeteria Volunteers – September
Please visit SBA Recess Duty/Cafe Serving Signups to volunteer for recess and cafeteria duty for the month of September. Please note that prior to signing up, you must have completed the volunteer screening process for the Diocese which Mrs. Johnston coordinates. Please contact her with questions about this process at We hope to see you on the playground soon!

Ice Cream Journal Project
We hope that students have been working on their summer writing assignment. A letter detailing the assignment was sent home with the students in June. Students must have a minimum of forty entries (basically, one for every other day of the summer). The entries for students entering first grade should be at least one sentence long; two sentences for entering second graders, etc. Students are encouraged to write more than what is required and may certainly include illustrations or photographs. Remember, a completed journal will earn students a ticket to an ice cream party at school this fall. We can’t wait to read all about your summer fun!