Grade 4 is “Walking our Way Through New Hampshire”

at 188The Fourth Grade students at SBA have been wearing pedometers every day since September and tracking their mileage as they “walk” through the state of New Hampshire.  As they log the miles, students use laptops to visit “Google Earth” and explore the locations they pass along the way – like a  “virtual visit.”

Students also enter their location into a “passport” and write about each area we visit.  Students draw pictures and write descriptions in the passport as though they are actually there.  One student described her “virtual visit” to Mount Washington, NH’s highest mountain peak (6,288 feet), by writing the following entry into her passport:

“I can’t believe we made it to Mt. Washington!!  It was very scary driving up the mountain, and exciting too!  We took heavy coats, boots, shorts, t-shirts, and sneakers because the weather is always changing on Mt. Washington.  On our way up, we saw many beautiful trees with their leaves turning all sorts of colors.  It felt like we might fall right off the edge of the road- but we never did.  On the way down it was very foggy, so we turned on our headlights.  We spent some time playing “Mt. Washington Trivia” games, and Eamon and Mia won the game.  I’m so glad we decided to take this exciting adventure to the summit!  6,288 feet!”

at 187The Fourth Grade also takes several field trips during the year. This winter, the class traveled to the Capitol Building in Concord where they received a private tour and were recognized in the Senate on the occasion of Saint Benedict Academy’s 125th anniversary. Check out that article by clicking here.

Fourth Graders plan to get to the southern border of NH by June- logging somewhere near 300 total miles walked- literally and virtually- down the great state of New Hampshire!!