International Students Visit SBA

This year, Saint Benedict Academy piloted the Global Village Partners with the International Student Office at Southern New Hampshire University. The program was initially conceived by Saint Raphael’s pastor Father Jerome Day, O.S.B. The program was designed through a collaboration of SBA faculty and administrators, SNHU faculty, and the International Student Services Office.

In this program, international students from SNHU were paired with classes at SBA. The international students visited their SBA class five times during the school year to help open the children’s eyes to the amazing world around us. The international students spoke about and lead activities on such topics as geography, cultural history, family, food, and the arts.

This fall, our SNHU visitors delivered wonderful presentations about the geography of their respective countries  and major holidays and festivals. They shared a number of family memories and photographs with the students and piqued their curiosity. In light of the Olympics in February, the visits  focused on sports. The children have been fascinated by the talks and have come to realize that they have much in common with children throughout the world. The SNHU students have also enjoyed their time with the Saint Benedict Academy students and were impressed with their questions and curiosity about the world.

The partnership this year included:

Kindergarten – China

First Grade – India

Second Grade – Saudi Arabia

Third Grade – Nigeria

Fourth Grade – Morocco

Fifth Grade – Iran

Sixth Grade – Afghanistan