Lobster Lore

Gail Collupy visited our Kindergarten class this past Thursday. What a treat! Students were able to get up close and personal with treasures of the sea. Gail taught the children all about sea shells, jellyfish, sea stars, seaweed and more. She was even gracious enough to give a large sand dollar as a gift for the class! The students learned the legend of the sand dollar: how it has five holes to remind us of Jesus’ death on the cross, and how the doves inside remind us of His return to heaven. Gail set up discovery tables in which the students received a chance to get hands-on experience with live lobsters and clams. Students had a great time petting the lobsters and giving them straws to grasp.

Thank you Gail for a great learning experience, and for the free kid’s meal at Weathervane Restaurant!

Note: Gail Collupy is a presenter of Lobster Lore, through Weathervane Restaurant in Bedford. 

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