First and second grade students were excited to travel to Saint Anselm College for the production of Madeline on Friday, November 15; however, shortly before they were to leave, the production was cancelled because the actress playing the title character came down with an illness. While the field trip was cancelled, Saint Benedict Academy teachers ensured that the “show would go on” with a special activity for the students.

Mrs. Silveria and Mrs. Freethy gathered all of their students in the second grade classroom, and Mr. McLaughlin came to deliver the news to the children. The children asked if they could pray for the actress through the intercession of Saint Agatha, patron saint of nurses. Mr. McLaughlin then donned a beret and read Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans to the students in a French accent. To sweeten the mood, the teachers treated students to a special dessert at lunch. Students are looking forward to a different field trip later on in the year.