Mangia! SBA Pasta Dinner

On Tuesday, March 18 over 200 members of the Saint Benedict Academy community were in attendance at our Pasta Dinner and Family Literacy Night.

The pasta dinner was a great success! The chefs whipped up pasta, meatballs, sauce, salad, garlic bread and dessert for a family feast. While students, siblings, and parents dined, the Once Upon a Time Auction Committee unveiled our fabulous classroom raffle baskets. The children enjoyed walking through our display room to see the “Goldilocks and the Three Build-a-Bear Basket” and the bursting-at-the-seams “Hanzel and Gretel Baking Basket” among others. Images and descriptions of all seven baskets can be accessed through the raffle page of our Auction website. Tickets for the raffles are now available in the office at 603-669-3932. Families, please also be sure to consult your newsletter for information about raffle tickets.

Before and after dinner, students and their families spent time in the gymnasium for our Family Literacy Night. We are very appreciative of our Title I Teacher, Mrs. Audra Millhouse, for organizing the evening. Mrs. Millhouse cooperated with New Hampshire Public Television, our local PBS affiliate, to provide an evening full of activities to promote reading, writing, and creativity – perfect timing for our short-story contest sponsored by Ms. Kealey! Verb Dominoes and Slap Down! were two popular activities. At the end of the evening, every child was able to take home a free book. We were glad that many of our friends from other elementary schools were in attendance tonight.