Memory Lane Cafe Service Outreach

After an amazing performance in our annual Christmas Pageant, the fifth and sixth grade students’ voiced were warmed up and ready to perform for our friends at Memory Lane Cafe, sponsored by the Cashin Center. Memory Lane Cafe is an outreach group to support individuals with Alzheimer’s and their families.

MemoryLaneThe day after our Christmas Pageant, the Fifth and Sixth grade classes walked to the Cashin Center to sing Christmas Carols for the visitors at Memory Lane Cafe.  The students sang their hearts out as they warmed the hearts of the visitors.  Visitors there sang with us and requested songs. They also shared stories with our students while we walked around and socialized after.
The morning was a truly heartwarming experience for us which displayed the true spirit of Christmas.  One visitor there remarked at how dark the sky was until we sang our last song, which truly brought the sunshine out.  Another visitor was so impressed with the students that she dropped off tokens for the students after to remind them of the true spirit of giving and random acts of kindness, which is what we have been learning about and bringing to others.
– Mrs. Susan LaPalme, Grade Six Teacher