More than Meets the Eye in “Figure 5”

Students in Mrs. Hauck’s Fourth Grade class participated in an art history lesson on Thursday, September 26 delivered by Professor Ellen Mary Hart of the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Professor Hart focused on American artist Charles Demuth’s 1928 I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold. Throughout Professor Hart’s lesson, the students learned that there is much more to art than first meets the eye. For example, the red blocks in the center of the painting reference phrases in the poem that inspired Demuth’s painting. The students walked away from the exercise with a deeper appreciation for art and with skills to begin to unpack a piece of art.

Mrs. Hauck’s students were not the only students in the room. Professor Hart’s own cadre of students in the NHIA Art Education program was present to observe how their professor conducted the lesson. Students in Professor Hart’s class are studying to become art educators. Throughout the fall semester these students will conduct weekly art lessons at Saint Benedict Academy for all of our classes. This partnership between NHIA and SBA provides the college students with a wonderful practical experience in the real world of the classroom and our SBA students with an opportunity to engage in art lessons and the creation of art.

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