Msgr. Frontiero visits the 6th Grade

This week the sixth grade had a truly unexpected surprise visitor in their  classroom, Monsignor Anthony Frontiero.  Monsignor Frontiero is not only the sixth grades’ Church Partner, but also their number one tour guide for the Cathedral in Manchester!

The sixth grade had recently written letters to Monsignor, introducing themselves, asking him questions, and requesting another tour of the Cathedral.  It was amazing that Monsignor Frontiero was able to remember certain qualities and characteristics about the students from their letters when he came to visit!  He shared his recognition of the letters with the students and they asked him some questions, one being if we could tour the Cathedral again, which was a definite “Yes!”  The students were thrilled and will be looking forward to it.

Once he visited with the Sixth grade, he stopped in the Fourth and Fifth grade rooms to say “Hello” as well.