Noah F. – Principal of SBA for a Day!

Third grade student Noah F. spent Thursday, October 30 as SBA’s “Principal for a Day.” Noah received this privilege from our spring auction. He was excited to lead the school and make the day special for all the students and teachers.

Noah3Noah began his tenure as principal by issuing a “Free Dress Day” for all students and teachers. Noah and Mr. McLaughlin wore matching pink dress shirts and bow ties. Noah arrived early and set up a coffee and muffin station in the teachers’ lounge for all of the faculty members. Noah then went out to morning pick-up to greet the students as they arrived. The students then greeted their new principal in the courtyard and shook his hand as they entered the building.

Principal Noah gave the morning announcements and concluded them by declaring extra recess for all students at the morning break. Between fielding some phone calls from relatives and making updates to the school website, Noah observed classes and had a special breakfast meeting with Mr. McLaughlin. Noah was on-hand for recess duty and helped Mrs. Gravel with stuffing envelopes. Noah arranged a special Language Arts lesson for his third grade class – Mr. McLaughlin’s dramatic reading of a short story. For lunch, Noah invited four of his friends to a special pizza luncheon in the principal’s office. In the afternoon, Principal Noah visited each of the classrooms to give each student a cookie and deliver a Dunkins coffee to each teacher! Noah also stopped by the Kindergarten’s “Harvest Party” before dismissing students for the day. As his last official act as principal, he granted himself a special “dress down day” for a later date.

Noah enjoyed his special day as principal, and we appreciated the special surprises and events that Noah arranged for the students and teachers.

Noah and Mr. McLaughlinNoah participated in the Kindergarten Harvest PartyPrincipal Noah and Mr. McLaughlin lead the afternoon prayer