Pen Pal Christmas Visit

Students in Mrs. Johnston’s third grade class enjoy a special relationship with the residents of Birch Hill Terrace Nursing Home. Each year, residents adopt a student as a pen pal and exchange monthly letters, allowing students to develop their skills as emergent writers and benefit from the wisdom and life experience of their friends at Birch Hill. The partnership is one that has existed for years and which students look forward to as part of the third grade year.

BirchHill1On Wednesday, December 10, the third grade traveled to Birch Hill for a special Christmas celebration with their pen pal. Students toured the community and exchanged gifts by the beautifully decorated tree in the Activity Room. The students enjoyed a snack of cookies and punch as they read “T’was the Night Before Christmas.” The students and their pen pals enjoyed a community sing-a-long of Christmas carols before it was time for the third graders to return to school.