SBA Receives Grant from Toshiba

Saint Benedict Academy is the recipient of a generous grant from the Toshiba America Foundation. The grant, titled “Walking Across New Hampshire” will support and extend the learning objectives for Mrs. Hauck’s Fourth Grade curriculum on the State of New Hampshire.

Fourth grade students develop an appreciation for the natural resources of the State of New Hampshire and how those resources contribute to the tourism industry, economy, history, and aesthetics of the Granite State. Throughout the year, students wear pedometers and log their mileage, practicing math skills such as averaging and decimals as relates to distance. As students explore the state virtually on Google Earth, they hone their geographical skills by putting knowledge about longitude, latitude, and altitude into practice as they navigate through the state. Students make further connections to the social studies discipline by attending to how the environment and population have influenced each other over time. The class makes connections to science by exploring the impact of weather patterns on such important tourism industries as fall foliage and winter recreation. Guest speakers in the fields of meteorology, climate change, tourism, politics, and forestry over the course of the year provide diverse perspectives for students. The students are also scheduled to visit the State House and State History Museum in Concord and Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth later this year.

The grant from the Toshiba America Foundation will add a new experience to this year’s study: a field trip to the Flume and Canon Mountain. The grant will also pay for a couple of digital video recorders to document their visit.

Students will demonstrate their acquired knowledge of the State of New Hampshire through a capstone project which will include a ‘stay-cation’ brochure about their state. The students will also use images, sound, and original video recording to create a group-project iMovie. These short films will enable students to highlight the importance of getting out into and experiencing nature in New Hampshire. Students will discuss the geology, geography, weather, and history and why such areas must be protected. These films will be shared on the school’s website and social media accounts and be made available to the NH State Parks.

Congrats again to the fourth grade. We will certainly share more about this story as it develops over the school year!