SBA Supports Catholic Relief Services

For the second year in a row, Saint Benedict Academy is participating in the Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Project. The fourth, fifth, and sixth grades incorporate this project into their social studies and religion lessons. Each week during Lent, students virtually travel the world learning about how we can help assist Catholic Relief Services in helping others with hunger, poverty, and sickness. Mrs. Timpe, our fifth grade teacher, describes the first week’s lesson:

This year we started in Kenya, specifically Kariobangi. Hunger, poverty and sickness are problems that affect the community. We learned about Michael, a man, husband, and father who is doing all he can to assist in starting small businesses and get them the tools they need to become successful.

We first located Kenya on the map, talked about Africa and talked specifically about sacredness and human dignity.  We talked thoroughly about Lent, what sacrifice is and what we could do to help people not only in Africa, but in our neighborhood as well. The fourth through sixth grade all came up with an outreach project to participate in to help our community along with sacrificing our time and allowance to put in our rice bowl for CRS.

The fourth graders will be spending some time this spring cleaning up our school yard and sidewalks. The fifth graders will be writing to and visiting senior centers in the city. The sixth graders will continue to help with the food pantry and hold a food drive. St. Benedict Academy is doing all that we can to help those around us by using our talents given to us by God. As Michael Mzuli said “To be something, be doing something is important. It brings us together as a community and also puts food on the table for our families.”