SBA’s Olympic Family Fun Day

“I declare open the Games of Saint Benedict Olympiad” Principal McLaughlin proclaimed to the gymnasium of SBA Crusaders on Tuesday, June 9. And with that, Family Fun Day 2015 began.

IMG_2392Students were divided into ten teams representing the nations of Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Students were each given team colors and matching t-shirts. As students entered the gym, they learned which students from the other classes were on their team. Students gathered with their team parent “coach” to sign their names on their Olympic Banner.

IMG_2151Students then processed out of the gym through the halls of the school and off to Sweeney Park in the Parade of Nations following Mr. McLaughlin and the Olympic Torch. Student flag bearers hung their flags on the in-field and gathered for the beginning of the Games. SBA’s own IOC (International Olympic Committee) of Mrs. Gravel and Mrs. Bouthot organized the event and led the students in the different races and activities.

The events included: the Star Toss, a Cheese Curl Toss, Tug-of-War, a Hula-Hoop Race, the Mummy Race, Bean Toss “Archery,” an Obstacle Course, and finished with the Super Soaker Sponge Race.

The top three teams of the day were Portugal, Argentina, and the United Kingdom!

After the races, students, coaches, teachers, family members, and friends gathered in the courtyard for prayer and a special presentation to our IOC. The school community then enjoyed a wonderful picnic lunch together.

In the afternoon, the Olympic Carnival Celebration kicked off with games, face painting and temporary tattoos, sweet treats, bouncy houses and slides, Kona Ice Cones, and a visit from the Manchester Fire Department.

A special thank you to all of our volunteers for making the day so memorable! Additional photo galleries can be found on the school Facebook Page.