Sisters Lead as Principal for a Day

Principals Ashley and Sarah Sewall took over Saint Benedict Academy as Principals for a Day on Thursday, May 8. The students won the privilege from the 2013 Spring Auction.

Prior to the special day, the sisters met with Principal McLaughlin to come up with a fun day of activities.

Their day began in the front office where they said the morning prayer and pledge and made several announcements to the student body. Most importantly, the girls declared that everyone would have 15 minutes of extra recess at the morning break.

The girls then enjoyed donuts in the principal’s office while chatting about their exciting activities for the day.

The girls then went to all of the teachers to take a coffee order and sent Mr. McLaughlin to Dunkin Donuts to pick up the morning sweet treat for the faculty. After delivering the coffees and teas, the Sewalls helped to supervise the extra recess. The rest of the morning was spent observing students and teachers learning their lessons and reviewing for tests.

At lunch, the sisters ordered take-out from the Chateau and shared a cheese and Hawaiian pizza with Mrs. Gravel and Mr. McLaughlin. Ashley and Sarah then presented each student with a snack to enjoy with their lunches in the cafeteria.

In the afternoon, the girls helped to sort and deliver the mail, observed classes, planned a school dance for Friday, May 16 and decreed that the second and fourth grade classes would not have homework on Thursday evening – what a busy afternoon!

Just before turning the keys back over to Mr. McLaughlin, Sarah made one more executive decision: she decided that second grade students would have a free dress day on Friday, May 9.

What a great day these two sisters shared as Principals for a Day. Now if only they could make summer come quicker!