Students at Saint Benedict Academy study Spanish throughout the primary grades. They build on foundations of basic vocabulary and conversational phrases by singing songs, listening actively and role-playing. State of the art technology facilitates language acquisition as oral and auditory skills are reinforced with engaging learning software.  In upper grades, curricula focus on improving students’ written, oral, and auditory skills through a variety of spoken and written activities and experiences. A key component of the Spanish curriculum is the knowledge that God hears our prayers in every language, and new prayers are learned each year in both English and Spanish. Students also learn each year about the foods, customs, and celebrations from various Spanish-speaking countries around the world.

Grade level goals:

  • Kindergarten through second grade: Greet and respond to greetings; an expanding vocabulary; singing cultural songs
  • Third through fourth grade: Ask and respond to simple questions; deliver a poem from memory; recite the sign of the cross, the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers in Spanish
  • Fifth through Sixth Grade: Use appropriate forms of regular verbs and some common irregular verbs; count from 1-100; describe religious feasts related to other cultures