Spring Programs Wrap Up

The academic experience at Saint Benedict Academy is enhanced through partnership with colleges in Manchester. With the end of the colleges’ spring semesters comes the final days of several wonderful programs held on campus this spring. We wish all of our college volunteers much success on their final exams and are thankful for the generosity of their time and talents at our school this year. Here is a recap of this spring’s activities with our college partners:

Saint Anselm College Classroom Outreach – Every classroom benefitted from the addition of at least one Education or Nursing student working in the classroom for a couple of hours each week. Saint Anselm students lead reading groups, assisted students with assignments, played Legos in Kindergarten, organized the school library, helped teachers create bulletin boards, and more!

Saint Anselm College Extended Day Program – Mrs. Bourque, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Pann, and the students who stay for our afterschool program welcomed Saint Anselm College Volunteers every afternoon. The volunteers represented a variety of majors and were eager to interact with the children by playing games, completing arts and crafts activities, and working on homework. While our Saint Anselm College volunteers will be heading home for the summer, the Extended Day Program will continue to run until school releases for summer vacation in June.

Saint Anselm College Robotics – Students in fifth and sixth grade had the opportunity to participate in our brand-new Robotics Program this spring. Saint Anselm Senior Alex Germaine literally got the program “out of the box” and into the students’ hands. The students have enjoyed creating their Robots, programming them to “talk to each other” and manipulate an obstacle course, and are preparing to incorporate Robotics into their upcoming Science Fair Projects. The Robotics Program was made possible through generous grants from IEEE and RECF.

Southern New Hampshire University Global Village Program – Saint Benedict Academy piloted this program with the International Student Office this year. International students were paired with classes at SBA. The international students visited their SBA class five times during the school year to help open the children’s eyes to the amazing world around us. The international students spoke about and led activities on such topics as geography, cultural history, family, food, and the arts. They shared a number of family memories and photographs with the students and piqued students’ curiosity about their country. The children have been fascinated by the talks and have come to realize that they have much in common with children throughout the world. This year China, India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Morocco, Afghanistan, and Iran were represented in the program.

Southern New Hampshire University Math Buddies – SNHU students in the Middle School Mathematics Education program served as tutors this spring to reinforce mathematical concepts explored in the classroom. The SNHU students benefitted from the practical experience of applying teaching pedagogy in a real-world situation, and SBA students received exceptional one-on-one assistance with math homework and key concepts.

A special thanks to:

–          Saint Anselm College Meelia Center for Community Outreach

–          Saint Anselm College Meelia Center Director Dan Forbes

–          Saint Anselm College Meelia Center Assistant Director Nicole Mattia

–          Saint Anselm College student Dan Whalen, Coordinator for SBA’s Saint Anselm Volunteers

–          Southern New Hampshire University Coordinator of Curricular Service Kelley Hobbs

–          Southern New Hampshire University International Students Office

–          Southern New Hampshire University International Students Office Assistant Director of International Student Services Deborah Donnelly

–          Southern New Hampshire University student Courtney Nardella, Service Learning Coordinator

–          Southern New Hampshire University student Chelsea Glidden, Math Buddies Coordinator

And, of course, our many student volunteers from both of these schools!