Terra Nova Testing, 2014

From the Catholic Schools Office:

In these days when “high stakes” standardized testing and various forms of classroom assessment are sometimes hotly debated in the public media, school board meetings, and other venues, it is important that those who support Catholic education in New Hampshire understand that we regard such testing as only one measure of success.

In our schools, we strive to help each and every student succeed to the best of his or her own ability and capability. We teach problem solving skills certainly, but we also teach the underlying concepts of math and science, literature and social studies, religion and art. We teach our children how to discuss and evaluate ideas and how to apply sometimes challenging concepts to the world in which they live so that they can begin now to live as committed Christian citizens in their communities. A team of dedicated teachers and parents help to create just the right kind of environment for each student to achieve success in our many schools.

We are very proud to announce that our students continue to performance well above the national norm in the Terra Nova Standardized Achievement Test. This Test (published by the CTB – McGraw Hill) is administered in grades two through eight in the spring of each year as part of the Catholic Schools Office’s assessment of the overall curriculum in the diocesan schools. To learn more about how schools across the Diocese performed on this assessment, please click here.

Check back soon for information specific to Saint Benedict Academy.