The Smallest One – was Madeline

Saint Benedict Academy students in the first and second grade visited Saint Anselm College on Friday, December 6 to attend the musical “Madeline.”

The students enjoyed riding the bus – for some it was their first bus ride! – and walking through the college campus.

The musical was based off the story of “Madeline and the Bad Hat,” and was a true delight. In the story, the Spanish Ambassador has moved next door, and Madeline knows right away that his son, Pepito, is bad news. He’s mean to animals and cruel to Madeline! Madeline dubs him a “bad hat.” Pepito tries to prove that he is a good boy, but one day Pepito returns to his wily ways and goes too far. Madeline helps Pepito to understand the need to be good; but Pepito even takes that too far – vowing to release all the animals – even the tiger – from the Paris Zoo. Now that Pepito has unexpectedly found himself in real danger, it’s up to the resourceful Madeline to get him out of it. Can she teach Pepito a lesson into the bargain, and does he have a hidden good side after all? You’ll have to ask your child to share the ending with you!

The scenery was very colorful and based off the illustrations from the “Madeline” series. The songs were wonderful and full of energy. The actors visited with the children after the show to answer their questions about the plot, acting, and the magic of the theatre.

Student teacher intern Ms. Chloe Kealy led the students to the cafeteria after the show for a special treat: viewing the many gingerbread houses made by different groups and individuals on campus, including our other student teacher intern, Ms. Brianna Dooley.

Many thanks to our friends at Saint Anselm College for making this event possible.

Madeline and the Bad Hat –