The Eighth Station: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

The Stations of the Cross

IMG_6079On Wednesday, April 1, the Fourth Grade class under the direction of Mrs. Kathy Johnston and Mrs. Bonnie Batt led our school community in a Holy Week Prayer Service reflecting on the Stations of the Cross. Below are a set of images from the morning, and we invite you to reflect upon the Stations of the Cross with your family this Holy Week, and most especially on Good Friday.

Jesus, the good times have been good indeed – wonderful stories, joyful miracles and the offering of friendship like no other. Now Your time has come. Just as we learned from Your parables and sermons, let us learn from Your Passion the way to go to the Father.

We adore You, oh Christ, and we praise You, because by Your Cross, You have redeemed the world.

The First Station: 
Jesus is condemned to deathThe Second Station: 
Jesus carries His CrossThe Third Station: 
Jesus falls the First TimeThe Fourth Station: 
Jesus meets His MotherThe Fifth Station: 
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the CrossThe Sixth Station:
Veronica wipes the Face of JesusThe Seventh Station: 
Jesus falls the Second TimeThe Eighth Station: 
Jesus meets the women of JerusalemThe Ninth Station: 
Jesus falls the Third TimeThe Tenth Station: 
Jesus is stripped of His GarmentsThe Eleventh Station: 
Jesus is Nailed to the CrossThe Twelfth Station: 
Jesus Dies on the CrossThe Thirteenth Station: 
The Body of Jesus is taken down from the CrossThe Fourteenth Station: 
Jesus is laid in the Tomb