Third Grade Pen-Pals

The third graders in Mrs. Kathy Johnston’s class were really excited this past week as they received their first letter from their new pen-pals.  The pen-pal program is a partnership with seniors from Birch Hill Terrace in Manchester.

PenPal4This is the 8th year of the third grade pen-pal program at St. Benedict Academy.  The students write and send cards and personal artwork once a month and get a response from their pen-pal once a month.  Both students and seniors enjoy and benefit from the program.  The students learn many writing skills and are very motivated because there is a purpose for the writing. They also are excited to find out about an older person and spend some time with them as we gather three times during the school year.  The seniors also benefit by enjoying writing and sharing with younger children.  Many of them have grandchildren who live far away that they do not see often.