Third Grade Recycles for Charity!

The third grade has been collecting and recycling all kinds of juice pouches for charity. The students enjoy helping the environment because the pouches are not being put into landfills and are recycled by a company called TerraCycle, who makes them into many different things like backpacks and pencil boxes.

The best part of the program is that for each pouch collected and turned in, the classroom earns 2 points from TerraCycle. These points can be cashed in to help the less fortunate in many different ways, such as safe and clean drinking water for those in developing countries, food for the hungry, animals from Heifer International, and many other worthy causes.

Since the beginning of the school year, the third graders have been making posters and encouraging others to collect pouches for the cause. The students then rinse and store them until there are enough to ship out.  They are looking forward to cashing their first points soon!