Third Grade Student Wins Regional Art Contest

The next Michelangelo may be sitting in Mrs. Johnston’s Third Grade class. This year, the students participated in an art contest sponsored by Casella Resource Solutions. The drawings were on the topic of the environment and recycling.  The students were able to use crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paint.

The Casella corporate offices recently let Mr. McLaughlin and Mrs. Johnston know that one of Saint Benedict Academy’s students was named a winner in this year’s contest. The judging committee selected thirteen pieces of art from across New Hampshire to be featured in the company’s 2015 New Hampshire calendar. The student’s identity will remain a secret until Saint Benedict Academy’s 2013-2014 Final Assembly on June 12.

Mrs. Johnston writes that recycling is part of the Third Grade’s service activities throughout the school year: “We encourage each other to recycle paper and other things from our classroom.  Over the years, we have also partnered with Terracycle to collect and recycle juice pouches throughout our school.  At the end of the year, the students accrue points which they can in turn use to help provide resources, protect the environment, combat poverty, and provide education in communities in Africa and Asia. The Casella Contest gave our class a chance to illustrate some of their ideas about the Terracycle Program and to encourage others to join us in making our world a better place.”

Make sure to “save the date” of June 12 for the school’s 2013-2104 Final Assembly when we will honor our sixth grade students. As part of that ceremony, we will also reveal the identity of our third grade artist and recognize many other students for their accomplishments throughout the school year.