Third Grade TerraCycle Project

Mrs. Johnston’s third grade class has been collecting juice pouches for recycling all year.  The juice pouches are shipped to Terracyle where students receive points for them. The students are then able to “spend” their points on projects to assist communities in the United States and around the globe. This year, the class provided the following resources to different communities:
Baby chicks. honey bees, and geese
Clean water for a year
Meals for American families
School supplies to homeless children
Reduce carbon from the atmosphere
Diapers for children in need
Adopted 3600 feet of wildlife land
Planted trees in American forest
Students from Saint Anselm College collaborated with Mrs. Johnston this fall to talk about Social Justice and Social Action with the third grade students this fall (you can read the article here). The TerraCycle Program was just one way that the class immersed themselves in the Church’s Teaching on Social Justice.