Ugali: A Lenten Lesson

FullSizeRenderThe Catholic Relief Services Rice Bowl Project is an integral part of Saint Benedict Academy’s religion instruction during the Lenten season. Students have been learning about the countries and communities where their monetary donation will go and make a difference in the lives of others.

Recently, the first, second, and third grade classes teamed up to learn about several African communities that will be impacted through the work of Catholic Relief Services. As part of that lesson, students worked together to create the traditional African soup of Ugali. The bean-based vegetable soup was an opportunity for students to put their math skills to the test in multiplying measurements and collecting enough ingredients to make enough soup for the school community to sample.


A special thank you to Mrs. Silveira, Mrs. Freethey, and Mrs. Johnston for implementing this lesson and helping to draw cross curricular connections between religion, geography, and mathematics!