When the Saints Go Marching In


Saint Benedict Academy prepared for the Solemnity of All Saints by attending a special celebration of the Mass on October 31. Students in Mrs. Silveira’s first grade class helped the students, faculty, and community reflect on the lives of the Saints by portraying fifteen different Catholic Saints.

The students carried props associated with their Saint’s story or what their Saint patronizes. Father Jerome Day, O.S.B., presided at the Mass and quizzed the students about their Saints, helping us all to realize, as Pope Pius XI wrote, that Saints provide us with models of the Christian life:

dsc_0045_0045Indeed, the Saints have ever been, are, and ever will be the greatest benefactors of society, and perfect models for every class and profession, for every state and condition of life, from the simple and uncultured peasant to the master of sciences and letters, from the humble artisan to the commander of armies, from the father of a family to the ruler of peoples and nations, from simple maidens and matrons of the domestic hearth to queens and empresses. 

– Pope Pius XI (1922 – 1939), Divinus Illius Magistri, par. 99.

Our 2014 Saint Benedict Academy Saints are:

Saint AndrewSaint BenedictSaint CatherineSaint ElizabethSaint FrancisSaint JeromeSaint John Paul IISaint JosephSaint Kateri TekakwithaSaint LawrenceSaint MarySaint MichaelSaint NicholasSaint RaphaelSaint Therese of the Child Jesus