The Godparent Program

“I can’t thank my daughter’s ‘Godparents’ enough for providing her with an incredible academic experience. She is thriving in an environment which embraces the philosophy that all are created equal in the eyes of God, all have the ability to learn if afforded the opportunity and that we all have talents and gifts that can be used to glorify God and to make the world a better place. The phrase ‘thank you” just doesn’t express the magnitude of our family’s gratitude.”


In the 2014-2015 school year, Saint Benedict Academy offered nearly $36,000 in financial assistance to families. The school’s ability to make a Catholic education affordable and possible for families hinges on the continued support of our Godparents.

The Saint Benedict Academy Godparent Program is a unique partnership between student, parent, benefactor, and school. It is designed for students who demonstrate a financial hardship, matching them with Godparents in the community who pledge to provide moral, prayerful, and financial support to the student and their family. In exchange for tuition support, students agree to achieve personal academic goals, maintain good citizenship, and participate in school activities; and parents agree to contribute financially as well as through service to the school.

Godparents will receive a regular newsletter from the school and will be invited to attend special events on campus.

How Can I Help?

SBA_school_2013_by_Lomanno_0109You can help by getting involved. Every dollar contributed to the Godparent Parent goes directly to provide an excellent education for students in need as well as helps to shape a student in the Catholic faith. The cost to educate one child at SBA is calculated at $5,416 per year. The school is able to offer tuition rates much lower than this amount through the generosity of our benefactors. Many families sacrifice a great deal to afford this opportunity for their children. Currently, 46 students from 24 families receive assistance through the Saint Benedict Academy financial aid program. But more families are in need of help.

Please help us provide a child in need with a value-based, quality Catholic education at Saint Benedict Academy by sending an email to the Principal,  Mrs. Heather Silveira or by calling at (603) 669-3932.