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The Catholic faith is the main focus of our school ministry. Our faculty are committed to living the faith and, through their examples and expectations, transmit our faith tradition and Gospel values. Teachers stress the importance of Christian values in everyday life, community service, as well as through weekly mass, special prayer services, and the curriculum. Learning to live as Catholics is a primary goal for Saint Benedict Academy.

All students participate in weekly Masses at St. Raphael Parish. Older students prepare readings, serve as alter servers and sing in the choir. Students take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Advent and Lent. Students also take part in traditional Catholic devotions throughout the year, including the Stations of the Cross, Advent prayer services, recitation of the Rosary and the May Crowning to honor Our Blessed Mother. Students select organizations and take an active role in special charitable efforts through out the year.

Through our authentic approach to living our faith, our students come to understand religion as the integral part of life that it is. Religion is not treated only as a single subject, but is at the very center of the curriculum. For example, Christian values may be examined during a literature class, or may be part of a thematic unit which integrates religion, social studies, and art classes.